'Cause there's no such thing as rockstars, 
There’s just people who play music,
And some of them are just like us,
And some of them are dicks.
So, quick turn off your stereo,
Pick up that pen and paper.
You can do much better 
Than some skinny half-arsed English country singer

'Cause we write love songs in C and we do politics in G
We sing songs about our friends in E minor
So tear down the stars now and take up your guitars
And come on folks and try this at home.

So I shot a man in Afghanistan, he was bleeding on me 
Then he said his name was Jesus and he never had an army. 
As he took his dying breath, the last thing that he thought he’d tell me is 
“It’s better to die for nothing than to kill just for your country.” 

The most exciting musical discovery I’ve made in some time.